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UT3, here we are!

Today I release Proelium Alpha 0.5. Powerups aren't implemented, nor interactive projectiles, but otherwise, the basic Proelium Deathmatch experience is functional. Hit the download page to grab it, and hit the info page for, well, more info.

- Pfhoenix

UT3, here we come

UT3 is out, and that means a version of Proelium rebuilt for it. I'm foregoing some of the fancier elements of prior versions (released and unreleased) in order to get a functional beta out soon. Beta 0.5 will not include interactive projectiles nor powerups. Mutator support isn't inherently designed at this projected point either, though it will be in the future.

Proelium's biggest negative point in the past was serious map support. I'm putting out a call - if you like top-down arcade style gameplay in familiar DM settings (CTF in the future, as well), and you know your way around the new UnrealEd, let me know!

- Pfhoenix

Scene 2, Take 1

I've been working on version 2.0 lately, for UT2004. This includes a revamp of HUD elements (the new Weapon Selection Circle, for example), tweaked weapon damages and such for better weapon balance, and some new effects. I've updated the info page and the screenshots page (brand new screenshots).

I'm also looking for some mapping help, and possibly someone with a keener eye for 2d art design (I'd like to replace the powerup icons for the HUD with actually nice ones). If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail with some references to work you've already done.

- Pfhoenix

And here we go

Version 1.1, which is not much more than the bug fixes, is now done and released. Check the download page.

- Pfhoenix

For real this time

I've fixed both crashes people were seeing. I've also fixed the UT2MOD distributable for real, only now I've got different file versions. I might do a fix-release soon, or I might wait a bit in order to also release some new maps.

Until then, grab this .INT file (right click and save as) and replace the Proelium.int in your UT2003/System direction if you had grabbed any version of the UT2MOD file. Sorry about this, it really won't happen again.

- Pfhoenix

Fixed up

Turns out the version of UMODwizard I was using was extremely buggy. This is no longer so. I have put back the links to the UT2MOD installer. Enjoy.

- Pfhoenix

Screw up

There seems to be something wrong with the UT2MOD installer, so for the time being, I'm removing the links. If you've already grabbed the UT2MOD installer, sorry about that. Grab the nonumod zip archive for now.

- Pfhoenix


Welcome, not only to Proelium's website, but Proelium's release.

Proelium is a death match mod of a different color. For an in-depth description and explanation, check out the Info page. There are some screenshots on the Screenshots page as well. Proelium is fully bot play and netplay compatible, so download it and give it a try.

- Pfhoenix