The most innovative and realistic Counter-Terrorist mod ever


.22 pistol



counter-terrorist soldier



We're not dead! Unfortunately, the lead coder, mapper, texture artist, sound designer, and PR guy (you forum guys know him as Charlie), has been too busy with Real Life stuff. Fortunately, I'm still around, and as everybody knows, even if you have nobody but a designer, you still have a great mod! So, I've been working really hard, and the mod has made great progress! In order for the mod to be even better, though, we're now looking for help in the following areas :

  • Programming - you must have 5 years professional industry experience, a BS in CS, or have worked on any project whatsoever at any time with any language (or even just thought about it)
  • Modeling - must be able to create both super high-poly models for rendered screenshots, and super low poly models that look exactly like the high-poly ones. Experience isn't all that necessary; it's not like you're creating original works of art anyways
  • Texturing - requires a PhD in digital art and/or a masters in classical impressionism. If you send in with samples that you drew in paint, we'll understand that it isn't indicative of your true quality of work, and worth as an artist
  • Sounds - this is a big one. We really could use help in creating sounds; those interested need to have their own sound studio, mixing equipment, and be able to produce and distribute sounds designed for 24bit audio hardware
  • PR - we understand the importance of PR (just look at this website!), and we also know that there's no such thing as bad PR! We want somebody who isn't afraid to spout mindless drivel 24 hours a day, to any and everybody who'll listen, willingly or otherwise!
  • Snacks - running a community leading mod team is hard work! Everyone works constantly to improve the project and the community at large. This means we could use someone to make snack runs for the team members. Must be available on call, willing to drive long distances
As you can see, we're going to be really busy soon. Keep checking back, as we'll post more weapon renders, maybe even a vehicle render!!

Welcome to the newest Counter-Strike clone for Unreal Tournament 2007. We haven't named our mod yet, since it's just in the pre-planning, concept sketch stage (as you can see by clicking the images to the left); however, that won't stop us from making the most innovative, different, and realistic CS clone of all time.

What makes this mod stand out from the other 20 uber-realism, CS clone-yet-not-a-clone mods for UT2003? Several things :

  • vehicles
  • real-world weapons, such as the MP5 and H&K PSG-1
  • US/International/SWAT/Counter-Terrorists vs Terrorists/French/Germans/Russians/Vietcong/North Koreans/Eskimos

It may surprise you to know that even though no actual work of any sort (aside from this website, which even then the word "work" may not apply) has been done, we already have a crack team of dedicated and super talented people, who I'm sure have done nothing except sit on their asses, praying that a new CS clone project would start up so they could join the team and feel like they've actually done something that somebody will notice.

Which, of course, really means that it's no surprise that we desperately need help in ALL areas (including leadership, I mean, just read this drivel)! We're currently accepting any, every, and all offers for help in any way, manner, shape, and form. You must have professional level experience in your field, which means go ahead and lie about it, because it's not like anybody is going to take this project seriously, nor even care that your 650 poly MP5 model was "borrowed" from somebody else's work.

In all honesty, we're going to put out utter crap models and utter crap gameplay, all in the name of attempting to be the sole CS clone-that-is-not-a-clone that actually produces something for people to download (enjoyment not gauranteed, but you realism knobs will swallow anything with the Realism Sugar piled on top).

So, keep checking back every day, because things are not moving at all around here, and even though we may post updates about this or that without putting out new screenshots or real info, and even though we may go months without updating, you can be assured that we will be 99% likely to just give up after about 3 months, and then whine about how we got no community support and publicly announce that we might change game engines.

- Pfhoenix

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