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Proelium Mapping Notes and Information

Mapping for Proelium differs from normal UT2004 mapping. There are certain gameplay-induced limitations on what you can, and can not, do with a Proelium map. The follow is a breakdown of subject areas :

The Camera
In Proelium, players run around in a top-down view. To achieve this, the player's camera is 1024 unreal units above the player, unless there is solid geometry above the player. This means that level ceilings need to be higher up from the ground in order to accommodate the camera, unless your intention is to force the camera lower (which I do not recommend, unless it's for a very small area and to achieve a particular effect). Any level geometry you place above where players can run around will limit the height of the camera, unless you set that geometry to not be traceable. For example, to have an archway for players to run under, without interfering with the camera, you'd place your arch staticmesh, set the trace flags to False, and then set blockingvolumes on the sides of the arch that players can't be under, so that it can still be shot/collided with.

Level Heights
Players can not aim up or down. This restricts gameplay to a flat plane at nearly all times - the exception is when there are more than one playing heights, and one overlooks another. In order to ensure fair playing, and to keep the arcade feel of the game, there can not be any ways for players to be at odd heights relative to others. This means no stairs or ramps, as a player could gain an advantage by staying half-way up the ramp or stairs. Instead, use teleporters, jump pads, and lifts to move players between different height areas.

Proelium doesn't use any weapon pickups, nor ammo pickups. Also removed are adrenaline pickups. The only useful pickups for Proelium are health and shields pickups. This being said, there are health related powerups that regenerate health. Shield pickups should be kept to a minimum, and health pickups shouldn't be so readily available that players can max out their health quickly via pickups.

Bots move and play like normal in Proelium. A Proelium map requires nothing special or different in approaches to pathing a map for bots. It's important to know that Proelium will spawn powerups at PathNodes, and there's no way to make any single PathNode more or less likely to have a powerup spawn there.

Though Proelium's gameplay may fit arena style environments easily, it can also handle larger areas. More complex environments introduce hazards that players must watch out for, as well as use to their advantage. Because Proelium's gameplay is inherently simple, it can benefit greatly from map-specific challenges and structure. There is no limit on scenery design, i.e. indoor industrial architecture. Outdoor areas, though playing areas still need to be flat, can take advantage of the top-down view to have more eye-candy or scenery.